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Join us at the 7th Annual QUANTUM STORYTELLING CONFERENCE, in Las Cruces, New Mexico in December 2017

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DAY ONE AND TWO CONFERENCE PRESENTATION LISTING in WORD & in PDF version (with links to abstracts & Proceeding papers


2017 THEME: Storytelling as Research Method

What we call indigenous living story is declared a valid and reliable research method for Native Science (Cajete, 2000) and qualitative methods (Smith, 2007; Denzin & Lincoln, & SMith, 2008). Antenarrative has become an organizational research method (Rosile, Boje, Carlon, Downs, & Saylors, 2013). Antenarrative is acknowledge by Karl Weick (2012) as an method to develop prospective sensemaking as research method. Boje, Haley, and Saylors (2016) use antenarrative as research method to study Burger King strategic changes. Vaara and Tienari (2011) use atnatnarrative to research Nordic bank mergers. Boje, Svane and Gergerich (2016) look at narrative and counternarrative in relation to antennarratives in research with veterans and in mergers and acquisitions. Bülow and Boje do antenarrative analysis of the purge of humanities, and negotiations of survivors in Denmark higher education. Svane, Gergerwich and Boje (2016) use antenarrative to research organizing fractals. Then there is our conference work in Being Quantum in our storytelling methods (Boje, 2014; Boje & Henderson, 2014).

Clearly storytelling as research methods is a growing movement across many social science disciplines.


  1. Boje, D. M. (2017). How does Quantum Storytelling Relates to Savall's Socioeconomic Double Spiral? | Download presentation slides.| Handout for wire artwork | YouTube of presentation
  2. Cai-Hillon, Yue; Cagle, Wendy. (2017). Living Story Webs of Art and Energy
  3. Cowart, Adam. (2017). Strategy, Storytelling, and Theatre- paper. Click for slides
  4. Flores Isabel. (2017). Psychoanalysis and Prisons.
  5. Kleiner, Tomas. (2017). Social Media: Is the Medium the Mind? Implications of Social Media on Interorganizational Communications.
  6. Parsons, John. (2017). Narrative and Power.
  7. Pelly, Robert Duncan M. (2017). Sadism in Foreign Lands: Burn Pit Atrocity
  8. Pepion, Don. (2017). Commentary on past Quantum Storytelling Conference
  9. Pichon, Henrietta Williams. (2017). What is it like to be a Black Student at a HSI?
  10. Rosile, Grace Ann. (2017). Ensemble Leadershp: Key to Socioeconomic Experiments.
  11. Salsi, Debra. (2017). Storytelling for Strategy.
  12. Sanchez, Mabel. (2017). The Coalition of Immokalee Workers: Disrupters of Institutionalized Discrimination: Using Follettian Dialectic and Deleuzian Logic of Sense.
  13. Saylors, Jillian. (2017). Seeking organizational cultural fit: the modern day euthanasia of wage slaves.
  14. Smith, William. (2017). Magic of Measurement.
  15. Weisinger, Judy. (2017). Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).


DAY ONE highlights: 7th Quantum Storytelling Conference self-organized into 4 Experimental 'QUANTUM STORYTELLING' Groups proposed by Professor Grace Ann Rosile

Because art objects are materially expressive, they are a kind of quantum storytelling. Here we have one of four experiments done at the Quantum Storytelling Conference. We make a Quantum Storytelling Argument. The proposition: art objects are materially expressive is asserted as premiss. Our proposition: they are a kind of quantum storytelling is asserted to be true. We did four experiments: collaborative painting, sequential painting, collage art, and wire sculpture.

  1. DAY ONE EXPERIMENT in Quantum Storytelling1st video is Collaborative Painting Experiment facilitated by Pancho Saenz & Ginny Romerowith Asma, TK, & Charles Conatser

    This experiment combines oral, visual, and material storytelling-collaboration of one art canvas. See the other three experiments (sequential-painting, collage & wire art)

  2. 2nd video is Sequential Painting Experiment facilitated by Sabine Trafimow and Claudine Desrosiers

    -with Joe Weisinger and Robert Duncan M. Pelly, This experiment combines silent telling using visual and material storytelling of one art canvas

  3. Collage art experiment3rd video is Collage Art Experiment facilitated by Jo Conatser - with Henrietta Williams-Pichon, Michel Fortier, and Sharon Gloshay- combines oral telling with visual and material storytelling of one art board

  4. 4th experiment is Wire Art Sculpting4th Quantum Storytelling Conference experiment is Wire Art Sculpting - David Boje facilitator - with Jaimie Lakey, Debra Salsi, Jillian Saylors, Mary Beth Glass, Yue Cai-Hillon, Judy Weisinger, & Maya Weisinger - combines silent storytelling with material art of wire sculpturing individual pieces; Includes award of one of Boje's kinetic wire art sculptures to Professor Henri Savall to commemorate their 18 year collaboration in the SocioEconomic Approach to Management

DAY TWO Highlights: 7th Quantum Storytelling Conference

    Day Two David Boje with Amandine Savall Henri Savall See YouTube David Boje's presentation develops 2 kinds of MULTIPLICITY, see his YouTube of the presentation: Numeric & qualitative and puts them in relation to SOCIOECONOMIC APPROACH TO MANAGEMENT (SEAM), & Trafimow's COPERNICAN REVOLUTION in statistics, and Sabine Trafimow's challenges to English translations of Heidegger reform -- more at the proceedings for study guides, slides, proceeding paper

    Day Two Youtube of Isabella Flores presents on EMDR work in prisons at Quantum Storytelling Conference. Isabella FLores Short Demo of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) psychotherapy treatment originally designed to alleviate distress associated with traumatic memories. Has start of the Shamanic Drumming, closing event of the conference facilitated by Shamanic Foundation teacher, Charles Conatser - for more on shamanic see


Quantum Storytelling 2017 included 'shamanic drumming' with theta wave vibrations to journey to other worlds of inquiry

Pancho Saenz on Collaborative Painting Storytelling

We conference in a CIRCLE OF EQUALITY. Here Pancho Saenz gets the Storytelling Conference ready to do Collaborative Art Event (Dec. 14, 2017)

Boje receives recognition for his contributions to SOCIOECONOMIC APPROACH TO MANAGEMENT

Proud moment for David Boje, as Amandine and Henri Savall present him award for his contributions to SOCIOECONOMIC approach over last 18 years of their relationship. Left to Right: Rohny Saylors, Boje, Amandine Savall, Henri Savall, TK (Tomas Kleiner), and Mabel Sanchez.

Grace Ann's Vegan birthday cake for David

Grace Ann Rosile's vegan chocolate birthday cake for David Boje's 70th, as Honey the fur-creature waits for her share of cake

Boje at birthday with current and past doctoral students he has had pleasure to work with

Boje at birthday-eve party with current and past doctoral students he has had pleasure to work with: 'TK' Tomas Kleiner doctoral candidate at Cabrini University, Professor Debra Salsi, doctoral candidate Mabel Sanchez at NMSU, Professors Yue-Cai Hillon & Mark Hillon of North Carolina, Boje, Professors Jillian and Rohny Saylors of Washington State.

Birthday party for boje

Charles, Dean, David, Claudine, and Michele at Dec. 17th birthday party at Laurie's

ROhny, Gerri, Jillian, Mike, Tonya, David, Grace Ann, and Wanda having fun at Quantum Storytelling Conference in 2014

Join us December 13-15, 2017, in Las Cruces, NM

Welcome Reception Wed evening, Full Day Sessions on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th, Half Day Saturday 15th, followed by Sightseeing on Sunday 16th if you want to stay over and go to White Sands or to Cliff Dwelling in Silver City. Boje birthday bash at end of conference. Watch him turn 70.

Birthday celebration

Maya Weisinger, David Boje, and Maya's musical friend

7th International Quantum Storytelling Conference

Here are some things that the Quantum Storytelling Conference has generated:

  will be out by the conference - it is a collection of work done in the 2016 Quantum storytelling conferences, available in 2018.
Stay at Lundeen Inn of the Arts
A Mexican Territorial Inn

December 13-15, 2017, in Las Cruces, NM
8th International Quantum Storytelling Conference

Storytelling as Research Method

To REGISTER:  SEND a 2-page abstract, or a statement about your interests if you prefer not to present, with your registration fee as follows:
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Our usual venue is a wonderful Bed and Breakfast Art Gallery, called INN OF THE ARTS - book reservation early, as rooms fill up quick.

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FAX: (575) 647-1334
TOLL FREE: 1-888-526-3326

Southern New Mexico's most charmingBed and Breakfast

December 13-15, 2017.,

8th International Quantum Storytelling Conference


Find out why Boje says 

Indigenous story is "living story".

Find out if indigenous women entrepreneurs are DIFFERENT.

Find out how the story of indigenous leadership is


In addition to our usual quantum storytelling scholars, we will feature 

special guest indigenous scholars 

Greg Cajete (U New Mexico), 

Cora Voyageur (U Calgary), and 

Brian Calliou (Banff Leadership Center)

Plus NMSU's own brilliant indigenous scholars

Don Pepion, Jeanette Writer, Lisa Grayshield, and Joe Gladstone 

Grace Ann Rosile, David M. Boje, and Carma Claw Nez “Ensemble Leadership Theory: Collectivist, Relational, and Heterarchical Roots from Indigenous Contexts.” in Leadership journal. The authors propose an “Ensemble Leadership Theory” (ELT) rooted in an indigenous world-view. First, ELT casts leadership as a collective phenomenon. It moves away from the “hero” leadership views and instead, connects with the recent “shared” views of leadership. Second, ELT is dynamic rather than static, as revealed using storytelling and “antenarrative” analysis. Third, ELP assumes a social structure which is decentered, as well as multi-centered and non-human-centric. Fourth, the combination of dynamism and multi-centeredness yields a structure which storytelling scholars call “rhizomatic” and archeologists term “heterarchical.” These ELT qualities of collectivist, relational, dynamic, and heterarchic draw on the archeology of the prehispanic southest. From these ancient roots, ELT emerges to break new ground in collective leadership theories. 
For a pre-publication draft, contact: Grace Ann Rosile at

"Antenarrative is defined as ‘the fragmented, non-linear, incoherent, collective, unplotted, and pre-narrative speculation, a bet, a proper narrative can be constituted’" (Boje, 2001: 1)


Julian Voss-Andreae’s Quantum Man Metal Sculpture
Julian Voss-Andreae’s Quantum Man Metal Sculptures (photo used by permission)


Organizational Change and Global Standardization: Solutions to Standards and Norms Overwhelming Organizations (Routledge Studies in Organizational Change & Development) Hardcover -

by David M. Boje (Editor)


by Tonya Henderson (Author), David M. Boje (Author)


dragon book cover

Available from Routledge May 2014; See Reviews; See Book Signing Flyer

2014 BOOK edited by David M. Boje and Tonya Wakefield

Being Quantum: Ontological Storytelling in the Age of Antenarrative

Available from Amazon 2014

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